Portable Extra Small Windows XP USb Flash Edition

Added network and disk of wood and a little more and newer prog, download and changed the way he should boot support on the laptop, where the assembly is not loaded before.

In the downloaded archive contains three folders: AbC
One by one we go in and do each of the following items:
(Do not forget to look at the screenshots, they are what you should see when performing each step)
In the folder "A": format the memory stick (you can fat32) with located there programki
In the folder "b": Make a bootable flash drive using the utility "grubinst_gui"
In the folder 'C': Copy the contents of the "C" on the stick (you can do after all these hidden files are not to be confused with other files)
Everything. USb flash drive is bootable, which is very handy when Mr. PC is not loaded in the usual way, or to upload PC which is closed all there passwords.
How do I download computer from a flash drive? Turning on the power, and immediately press F8 (sometimes F2, F11, less Delet, there are other keys to see the instruction ma) on a black background appears blue box where the arrows, select the USb flash drive (of course, you can select HDD or DVD) and press Enter.
Wait until the boot is from 1 to 7 minutes depending on the type of stick.


kudos to GramontzX
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