FREE Portable Adobe Flash CS5.5 v11.5.0.325

FREE portable adobe flash
For Website Builders, flash advertisers and/or flash enthusiasts, heres another great free tool just for you.. Adobe Flash Pro.

CS5.5 Adobe Flash Professional is the best environment to produce creative and expressive interactive content. Create immersive experiences that present a consistent public through desktops, smartphones, tablets and televisions.

Manage project files FLA that target various devices. Share codes and documents and resources between target devices to create, test, package and deploy content effectively in a wide variety of screens and devices.

Save time by sharing ways of symbols and animations between documents that are optimized for different screen sizes.

Preserve the important structure of the document to copy files and layers for various projects.

Use the new options of tools, Raster symbols on the screen and the Property inspector to improve CPU performance, battery and rendering on mobile devices.

NOTE: I have received repeated complaints directed to Blogger because of DMCA (Copyright) from Microsoft and now Adobe, so take the time to download the files made ​​available as soon as possible as likely to be deleted soon is high.

SIZE: 502 Mb

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