FREE StandaloneStack 2

FREE windows stack
FREE windows stackFREE windows stack

Heres another great FREE desktop enhancement for you. If you have tried using ObjectDock or RocketDock, you certainly know the stack docklet from Matonga. Now, if you don’t want any dock and simply use your taskbar, you can have stack view too Great isnt it? Its like you have integrated MAC OS X dock to your task bar. Just get StandaloneStack 2, create a shortcut and voilà, run it to show the stack.
StandaloneStack use the Matonga stack library, so you can thank him for making it….

Its pretty easy, once you have downloaded StandaloneStack 2, unzip the files in a real directory (for example c:\standalonestack2)
Just run standalonestack2.exe to create plus you can CUSTOMIZE your stack !
When you have created your stack, you can open option with it, just hold CTRL key when you run it.
To navigate thru folder in stack, hold CTRL when you click on it (for now, you can’t go back).


Credits to ChrisnSoft
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