Free PostworkShop Professional Edition v2.1.4157

PostworkShop Professional serial
PostworkShop Professional serial

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  • Language: Português - English

PostworkShop is an image manipulation program that allows users to artistic amateurs and professionals turn your photos into stunning artistic images.

Features include:

artistic filters
Turn your photo into an oil painting or watercolor, pastel or pencil sketch drawing, abstract art, or old-time photography.

Create your own styles
Building new styles easily with the graphical editor, or just mix and adjust some existing styles and save your composition as a new layer style.

Working quickly, save time
Achieve results fast with over 350 styles. You can mix and chain them in a user interface layers of family composition.

Reuse and adapt their styles
You have the same effect as the last time? Simply apply the saved style and adapt it to the new image. You do not need to restart anything, you can always adjust all parameters.

It fits on your desktop
Exchange of data with graphics applications through industry standard formats of files, including layers from Adobe Photoshop PSD files.

Take your art to the next level
Unleash your creativity, leaving behind the usual appearance, show something different. Make photo, fractal or 3D, everything is better with a tailored and artistic style.

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