Eset Nod32 Smart Security 5 FULL Version

 Eset Nod32 Smart Security 5 FULL Version! (UPDATED! Oct. 03 2011)
Eset Nod32 serial

New in ESET Smart Security 5
Key Benefits:
• Optimized Startup Procedure. No more waiting for signature database download to complete – ESET Smart Security 5 lets you start working on your computer immediately after booting, without compromising your security.
• Online Security. Given the increasing risk exposure on the Internet, the new version of ESET Smart Security detects all types of Internet-borne threats. These including social media scams and social engineering, to which your family members and kids are exposed daily.
• Small System Footprint. The unique build of ESET NOD32 Antivirus has been optimized over the years to perfectly match the system environment. ESET engineered a smart solution with one of the lowest system footprint on the market ensuring smooth performance.
New Features:
• Parental Control. Parental control lets you block sites that may contain potentially offensive material. In addition, parents can prohibit access to up to 20 pre-defined website categories.
• Cloud Powered Scanning. Based on real-time streaming of threat-related information from the cloud, the ESET Virus lab keeps the reputation services up-to-date for a constant level of protection against Internet threats.
• Improved Antispam. Our antispam module integrated in ESET Smart Security has undergone a thorough optimization process for even higher level of detection precision.
• Enhanced Media Control. Block threats trying to get through to the system via removable media. ESET Smart Security 5 automatically prompts you to scan the content of all USB flash drives, CDs and DVDs. Block specific media based on a range of parameters like the device ID, media type, and serial number.
• Intelligent Firewall. ESET Smart Security 5 helps you prevent unauthorized users from accessing your computer remotely and monitoring your network traffic.
New Features for Geeks:
• Gamer Mode. When in full-screen mode, ESET Smart Security automatically switches to silent mode, which saves system resources, so you can enjoy playing computer games or concentrate on important work tasks without distractions from pop-up messages.
• Advanced HIPS Functionality. This one is for real Geeks – now you can customize the behavior of the system in greater detail: specify rules for the system registry, active processes and programs, and fine-tune your security posture.
• Advanced Setup Tree. Redesigned advanced setup tree for more intuitive and easier navigation.
• Streamlined License Management. Select the type of activation that suits you best. All activation methods were designed to require as little user intervention as possible.
• Enjoy the Fresh New Look. The graphical environment has undergone a number of usability and design modifications with the aim to enhance the overall user experience. The most frequently used actions are available from all screens. Check out the new, dashboard-like look of the “Tools” pane that is now even more intuitive and transparent.
Changes in ESET Smart Security 5.0.84:
* Added: Some more graphics elements added into GUI
* Added: Control and management of FireWire removable media
* Enhancement: display more info about user license
* Fix: Stop during uninstall issue
* Fix: Revert settings to defaults is not functional
* Fix: Filter for On-demand computer log doesn't work
* Fix: On-demand Scan not working with manual selection of scan targets
* Fix: Issues with SSL not working after OS restart on Firefox and Opera
* Fix: wrong creation of scan log while scanning of removable media
* Fix: wrong display of Hips pop-up windows while in interactive mode
* Fix: ESS block VPN on Windows XP
* Fix: Parental Control User account pictures disappear
* Fix: Visual bug in Outlook 2007/2010 ESET ribbon if Antispam Address books are disabled
* Fix: Issues with Windows Live Mail 2011
* Fix: Issues with ESS notification windows
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♫♫♫ Updater/Cracks that works in this version! ♫♫♫
Ulisess Seguridad 10.0.5
Is collection of cracks/fixes released till date for NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security (x86/x64)

Added updates:

* NodLogin 10.0.5 (x86/x64)

Rest of programs:

* TNOD User & Password Finder 1.4.1 beta2 (x86/x64)
* MinodLogin (x86/x64)... (JAVA required)
* LogANod 3.9e (x86)
* NodDownload 0.9 beta (x86/x64)
* NOD Generador 8.0.1 final (x86/x64)
* PassNOd32 v0.
* NOD32 Update Viewer 4.21.2 (x86/x64)
* MinodServer (x86/x64)
* License Trial for 30 days (x86/x64)


ESET kept detecting MinodLogin, Nodlogin & Generador as Win32/Packed.Autoit.Gen.
It just false threat.

Add into exclusions, the paths:

C:\Program Files\ESET\*.*
C:\Program Files\UlisesSoft\*.*
C:\Program Files\ESET\Ulisess Seguridad\*.*

TNOD User & Password Finder 1.4.1 Beta 2

Licenses: (All version)

Special License
Username: EAV-48894407
Password: 36pcuuvnjs
Expiration : 17/12/2016

03 October 2011 (New)
Username: EAV-51782370
Password: 5uehvhuthk

Username: EAV-51848507
Password: 86pv8p8fcp

Username: EAV-51848624
Password: ek3t8b7ps3

Username: EAV-51782372
Password: mpmkr67rat

Username: EAV-51783468
Password: csma3kervr

Username: EAV-51783470
Password: jfm7uerfxk

Addional Security:

Malwarebytes Antimalware

PRO Keys:
Name: 2VA56
Serial: VV6W-WVMW-35VV-5FEU

Name: 7FV19
Serial: G5GR-WJCL-4UJH-2H09

Name: 7CN27

Name: 2RO30

Name: 7BX19

Name: 7JH77
Serial: 1F0V-3WQ6-NLNA-795L

Name: 7SJ69
Serial: H40E-W2QC-TFMC-A2B3

Name: 2PW72

Name: 7IZ27

Name: 2EK22

Name: 2RG14

Name: 7AB27

Name: 2OY64
Serial: R58T-AX14-X15R-E7EG

Name: 2ZW14
Serial: 0C8J-KU9Q-C2MU-1QPT

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